Методичні вказівки до роботи з посібником

Section I

Lesson 1.
(G) Article. Verbs: to be, to have, there be.
(R) The Roots of English. World English Knowing Foreign Languages.
(S) Clifton
Lesson 2.
(G) Simple Tenses. Active Voice Future (Be going to/will) Types of questions.
(R) Visiting Britain The Universities of London.
(S) London
Lesson 3.
(G) Pronouns. Singular and plural of nouns.
(R) Higher Education. The University of London
(S) Looking for a new apartment.
Lesson 4.
(G) Continuous Tense. Active Voice.
(R) Vinnytsia Vinnytsia National Technical University.
(S) Distance learning.
Lesson 5.
(G) It–impersonal. One, that – substitutes.
(R) People Who Changed the World 2012 London Olympics. Ukrainian Gold Medals.
(S) Dialogues.
Lesson 6.
(G) Some, any, no and their derivatives.
(R) Acid Rain Problems оf Nature Protection.
(S) Dialogues A, B.
Lesson 7.
(G) Much, many, (a) little, (a) few.
(R) History of Computers What is a Computer?
(S) Dialogues A, B.
Lesson 8.
(G) Perfect Tenses. Active Voice.
(R) Input and Output Devices Computer Games.
(S) Computer.
Lesson 9.
(G) Stop and check (MODULE 1).

Section II

Lesson 10.
(G) Degrees of comparison.
(R) Computers and Internet in our Life Internet.
(S) Hooking Up My Computer.
Lesson 11.
(G) Modals and their equivalents.
(R) Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium Alfred Nobel.
(S) Meeting a Businessman.
Lesson 12.
(G) Perfect Continuous Tense.
(R) Advertising Mass Media in Our Life.
(S) Hitch your wagon to a star.
Lesson 13.
(G) Passive Voice. Simple, Continuous, Perfect.
(R) Life of Ukrainian Youth Taras Shevchenko is a Great Ukrainian Poet.
(S) My Testament.
Lesson 14.
(G) Sequence of Tenses. Reported Speech.
(R) Online World Adds a New Dimension Promoting a World Wide Web Site.
(S) Making a webpage.
Lesson 15.
(G) Stop and check (MODULE 2).

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